Client Testimonials

From my students and their parents


Words alone cannot express the gratitude and thanks we have for Dr. Jane. She uncovered that my 10-year old son, Nicholas, was struggling with dyslexia, while others could not provide him the help he needed for so many years. Dr. Jane has taught Nicholas to read, write, and spell through strategies that make sense to him. Now he has new-found self-esteem and confidence to learn. In the words of Nicholas, “I want Dr. Jane to teach me. I understand when she explains things to me.”

Terry C., Parent


What now seems like a million years ago, our son Peter was one of your students. Peter is now 28 and has graduated from college with a biology degree. He passed the state test and is now a chemist. Peter just completed his Master’s degree in Business. I figured that after all these years, you should be able to gloat and to feel proud, for you helped create the building blocks of Peter’s learning career, and with Peter’s determination and desire, he is still flying with it! Thanks again for everything you have done. We are certain you made the difference in our son’s life.

Veronica T., Parent


Dr. Jane has helped me a lot in math and writing. I love what Dr. Jane has done for me. She helped me get through school and I couldn’t be happier.

Joanne, 9th Grade Student


Our daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia in 7th grade. We were referred to Dr. Jane and she has been seeing our daughter ever since. Together, they have been working on a weekly basis to improve her reading, spelling, grammar and recently to prepare for the SATs. Our daughter has made great strides and progress over the years. She is now entering her senior year and looking forward to attending college. Dr. Jane is a knowledgeable professional and caring individual who has taken genuine interest in improving the skills and capabilities of our daughter.

Rob and Mary C., Parents


I have been working with Dr. Jane for four years now and I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor. She has helped me bring up my SAT scores tremendously and helped me improve my reading ability. Thanks to Dr. Jane, I am more confident and more willing to read out loud.

Suzan, 11th Grade Student


Dr. Jane is a very nice person. She helps me a lot with my dyslexia and memory problems. She does it in a way that seems fun and likes to play educational games.

David, 6th Grade Student


Dr. Jane Petrozzino has helped identify my son's reading disability. He is dyslexic. She evaluated him thoroughly and has provided me with a detailed report and an IEP fitting his needs. Dr. Jane has given me advice on how to help my son and was a very informative advocate for my child. I am forever thankful for her knowledge, guidance, and support.

Isa B., Parent


Dr. Jane worked with my seven year-old daughter during the summer before second grade. My daughter was placed in the Language Arts Resource Room in kindergarten and first grade and, unfortunately, showed no improvement in reading comprehension and writing. In fact, she was still working below grade level at the end of first grade and failed to meet her Language Arts IEP goals, even with help of her school’s “specialists”.

A friend referred Dr. Petrozzino, and after working with my daughter all summer, we couldn’t be happier with her improvements. Dr. Petrozzino is patient and encouraging, and after working with Dr. Petrozzino, our daughter is more confident and capable in her ability to read a story, answer specific and general questions about the content, and partake in discussion about what she read. We are excited about our daughter’s progress and new-found confidence in her reading comprehension abilities.

Theresa C., Parent


I have made a lot of growth in my reading with Dr. Jane. She has taught me to read when nobody else could. Now reading and writing come easily to me and I learn the "little stuff" that teachers didn't teach me. Now I feel better about myself. Dr. Jane rocks!

Robert, 6th Grade Student


Dr. Jane is fun to work with. She helps me with reading, spelling, vowel sounds, and writing. She is different than other tutors because she makes learning fun. She teaches me in ways that other tutors couldn't. I am faster and better in reading than I was before.

Laura, 5th Grade Student


As soon as I received Dr. Jane's evaluation of my son, Michael, who is in the first grade, I knew that she picked up on his learning differences that others did not. Dr. Jane's thoughtfulness, reflective, and committed nature to lifelong learning has put my son on grade level in reading and math and ready to reach his full potential.

Caroline D., Parent


Before my daughter, Elizabeth, a fourth grader, started sessions with Dr. Jane, she was often sad and lacking in self-confidence. Elizabeth would say such things as, "Everyone is smarter than me. I am the slowest in the class." Today, she is a confident girl looking forward to starting the next school year. She now says, "When Dr. Jane helps me everything just makes sense."

Pamela R., Parent

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