About Dr. Jane Petrozzino

And her New Jersey practice

As one of 25 experts in the country...

Dr. Jane Petrozzino is a Learning Consultant and Educational Therapist who specializes in children, adolescents, and adults with Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and ADHD.

Her research-based, multisensory approach in the treatment of these disorders is effective in remediating skill deficits in the areas of reading, written language, and math. Dr. Jane's warm, supportive style builds positive relationships with children and allows them to be receptive to the learning process. She is committed to ensuring the academic success of all students, helping them overcome the challenges they face.

Dr. Jane's private practice is a friendly, comfortable environment where parent consultations, psychoeducational evaluations, and academic support are provided. Her exceptionally comprehensive evaluations provide a detailed cognitive and learning profile which can lead to a diagnosis of learning disabilities and dyslexia and informs educational planning. Her expertise and proven techniques in the remediation of learning disabilities and dyslexia help children and adolescents become proficient learners. Based on the needs of the child, Dr. Jane designs an individual learning plan and teaches students powerful skills and strategies that change the course of their academic career.


Before I went to Dr. Jane, I had a lot of trouble with reading. I was behind the kids in my third grade class. Dr. Jane helped me sound out words and taught me to read faster. Now I am a better reader and I can keep up with the other kids. Thank you for helping me, Dr. Jane.

Jonathan, 3rd Grade Student

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